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Autors de la documentació PAUWELS, Thierry
Títol Great Peter Ringing, York Minster
Data 22-09-2013
Duració 07:21
Classe documentación
Notes Great Peter of York Minster (North tower) being rung manually by Erik Loggen. September 22, 2013, ~0950am. In the beginning of the video one can hear the change ringing on 12 bells in the South tower of York Minster. At the end, when the change ringing has come back to rounds, Great Peter joins. For the occasion of the visit of the Utrechtse Klokkenspel Vereniging, the bell is rung manually by Erik Loggen, with some help by David Potter.

The recording is in mono, because the other channel saturated too much. Although the sound recorder was not in the bell chamber, but in the adjacent stair case, slightly behind the central pillar, the recording saturated. Fortunately one of the channels is still acceptable.

Filmed in the ringing chamber by Ralph Luthart, filmed simultaneously in the bell chamber by myself.

Film with sound in the ringing chamber by Ralph Luthart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwNcKJ...

Great Peter, bourdon van de York Minster wordt geluid door Erik Loggen.

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Many thanks to David Potter, who gave us access to the bell chamber for this occasion, and to Ralph Luthart for putting his film at our disposal to make this compilation.

Dank aan David Potter om ons toegang te verlenen tot de klokkenzolder en aan Ralph Luthart om ons zijn film ter beschikking te stellen voor deze compilatie.
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