Old skill of bellringing chimes with the young

The social life surrounding bellringing is the draw for many young campanologists - Author: MACGREGOR, Luke

The ancient art of bellringing is attracting a growing number of young enthusiasts around the country.

The number of participants in a national youth competition led by churches has doubled in less than a decade.

More than 250 campanologists will go to Liverpool in July for the Ringing World National Youth Contest. They will be part of 24 teams competing for the titles. When the contest began in 2011, there were 12 teams.

Josephine Leggett and others at the Holy Trinity Church in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, said they find the hobby satisfying - Author: MACGREGOR, Luke

Ringers must be younger than 19 but strong enough to pull a rope, usually about 12 years old.

Despite the uncool reputation of bellringers, many youngsters cite the social life as one of the main draws.


The Times (23-02-2019)

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