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Mount Tabor - Greek Orthodox Monastery St. Elias - HAR TAVOR (ISRAEL)

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Description The main church of the Jerusalemite Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Transfiguration and lends its name to the entire monastery. The construction of the current church was started by a Romanian monk, Irinarh Rosetti, in 1859, the year of his death, and was finished by his disciple, Nectarie Banul, in 1862, making it the first religious structure built by Romanian Christians in the Holy Land.
Northeast of the Church of the Transfiguration, there is the more modest Church of the Prophet Elijah.
Northwest of the main church there is a small cave-church named after Melchizedek, the King of Salem. According to the Christian tradition, this cave was the place where Abraham met the king of Salem. The cave was known to pilgrims and local Christians during the Middle Ages. With an increase in pilgrimages, the church is now open to the public (though it closes for a few hours at noon).
An all-night vigil is held at the church every year on the Orthodox Feast of the Transfiguration on August 19 (which corresponds to August 6 according to the Julian Calendar). WIKIPEDIA (30-11-2017)

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Existing bells

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Mount TaborGRASSMAYR201228715684

  • HAR TAVOR: Bells, bell ringers and bell ringing
  • Francesc LLOP i BAYO; Francesc Xavier MARTÍN NOGUERA Metodologia dels inventaris de campanes (1998)
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