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Bells The Minster has 10 bells hung for normal full-circle ringing. They weigh a total of 4.3 tonnes, the tenor (the largest bell) weighing 18.25cwt and having a diameter of 4 feet. They are tuned to the key of E flat. They date from 1830 when three of them were cast by William Dobson, and several bellfounders have cast the rest since then, including John Taylor and Co and John Warner and Sons, the newest bells (the two lightest) being cast in 1962 by Mears and Stainbank. The ringers are Frank Kennington (captain), Matthew Jeffery, Lorraine Jeffery, John Cade, Jane Willerton, Kim Holland, Vic Pope, Neil Mangan, Joanne Smith and Bethany Chapman.
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Current bell ringing Full-circle ringing. 'Change Ringing'
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    ascy8124Bell ringers ring all the right notes2012
    GRIMSBY TELEGRAPHRinging in the changes after almost 70 years2012

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    THE LINCOLN DIOCESAN GUILD OF CHURCH BELL RINGERSCall Changes - Funeral Service 13-06-201205:57

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    THE LINCOLN DIOCESAN GUILD OF CHURCH BELL RINGERStreble is going! 11-07-201200:43
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  • GRIMSBY: Bells, bell ringers and bell ringing
  • Francesc LLOP i BAYO; Francesc Xavier MARTÍN NOGUERA Metodologia dels inventaris de campanes (1998)
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