Cymbalum (0) - The Collegiate Church of St Peter (Westminster Abbey) - LONDON (ENGLAND)

(Reference 13815)

Location south transept
Casting year 1742
Description THOS.LESTER MADE ME 1742
Mechanisms to ring external hammer
Interventions Removed from the south transept 19th century.
Assessment Debe ser incoado expediente para declararla Bien de Interés Cultural. En caso de rotura sólo puede ser soldada. Puede remplazarse por una réplica.
La instalación es tradicional y debe ser conservada para proteger la sonoridad y otros valores culturales. Cualquier mecanización deberá conservar estas cualidades, reproducir los toques tradicionales y permitir los toques manuales.
Remarks Also in the Abbey collection is a medieval cymbalum (bell without a clapper) which used to hang outside the monastic refectory in the south cloister to call the monks to meals (it would have been struck with a hammer). And a bell with the inscription THOS.LESTER MADE ME 1742 which used to hang in the gable of the south transept until it was removed in the 19th century during restoration work. Both of these bells will also be on display in the new Jubilee Galleries at the Abbey. (Westminster Abbey)

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